Top Tips for Traveling with Kids (Airport Edition)

Traveling with your kids may be a daunting thought, so much so that you may give up on those hopes all together! Don’t feel defeated however, we’ll leave you with some tips to make it the easiest trip you’ve ever taken!

1. Don’t overpack


It’s not necessary to pack everything your kids use at home. There are tons of activities for them to get lost in, in Barbados, some of which you can find yourself, like the beach, and some that you may need a little assistance with (see our Excursions Page). Also many of your necessities can be purchased here although they may not be the same brands.

2. Book an early morning flight

If possible, booking an early morning flight increases your chances of avoiding delays. Flights are usually less crowded at this time and the kids will likely be tired which means they may sleep during the flight.

3. Take your time


It’s best not to cut it too close to your flight time when arriving at the airport. Instead of rushing around the airport at the last minute, where you’re more likely to forget or misplace items in your haste, give yourself time to account for any mishaps that may occur. Arriving at the airport a few hours before boarding will give you time to check in and go through security with hopefully time to spear to relax and catch your breath. Giving yourself this leeway will, in the end, help relieve your stress and your kids’ stress as well.

4. Travel with favourite snacks and items

If your kid has that special blanket they can’t like without or that stuffed animal that’s been their constant companion, it’d be unwise to leave those at home. These can always help calm any meltdowns and tantrums thrown at you. Likewise, if they have a favourite snack this will help occupy their time while waiting in the airport and during the flight.

5. Pack in-flight entertainment in your carry-on

Charge up the iPad and load it with their favourite movies and books. Throw some physical books and toys in there, just in case it’s a long flight and the batteries die.
If you have a small child who gets bored of their toys relatively easily, try introducing a new toy a few days before to see if they’re interested. If they are, re-introduce it on the flight to keep them occupied.

6. Bottles or gum to help pop ears


Toddlers have an especially difficult time equalizing their ears on their own. If your little one is a bit too young to chew on some gum try feeding them a bottle. The sucking motion will help to reduce the pressure and distract them from the discomfort.

7. Give them contact information

Even while being the most vigilant, toddlers especially, can wander away from you. Be sure to write your name and contact information and stick it in their pockets or backpack so if they do get lost they can call you or have an adult call.

Do remember that while everything may not go exactly how you planned, the most important tip is creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

We hope these tips help traveling with your little ones a slightly easier task to undertake. Stay tuned for more helpful tidbits for when you land in Barbados!