With over 60 beaches in Barbados to choose from, your options are endless. When staying at Worthing Court it’ll be worth your while to spend a day relaxing or frolicking at a beach nearby. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best just for you!

Worthing Beach WCH Blog 1

Right outside your door is the lovely Worthing Beach or Sandy Beach. With clear, blue waters and beautiful white sand, it’s great for swimming, turtle spotting and simple snorkeling adventures with a fascinating coral reef to discover. There are also many other water sports options to choose from like kite surfing as well as beach chairs and umbrellas available for rent and restroom facilities.

Rockley Beach (Accra Beach)

Rockley Beach WCH Blog 2

Arguably the most popular on the list, Accra beach offers all the amenities necessary for a full beach day. Apart from restrooms, souvenir vendors and beach chairs and umbrellas available for rent, the beach is surrounded by restaurants like the Bajan staple, Chefette and several others in Quayside Centre. Similar to most south coast beaches, Rockley’s waves may slightly high and exciting depending on the time of year, but are usually calm enough for activities like paddleboarding and beginners surfing lessons.

Dover Beach

Dover Beach WCH Blog 3

Located at the southern end of the ever popular St. Lawrence Gap sits the beautiful Dover Beach. Great for family days, this beach offers similar amenities to Rockley Beach like restrooms, beach chairs and umbrellas, vendors and several restaurants in the Gap should you decide to grab lunch. Dover Beach is great for swimming as well as water sports like kayaking, boogie boarding, windsurfing and snorkeling near the small reef.

Coral Sands Beach

Coral Sands Beach WCH Blog

While Coral Sands beach may not have all the amenities the others boast of, when you arrive you’ll understand why it’s worth the visit. Not only is it a short stroll away from Worthing Court, but the somewhat small beach offers privacy and relative quiet which makes it a great place to relax and have a beach picnic. On a particularly warm day, the trees act as protection from the sun and the clear water is great for dip to cool down. This beach, like most on the list, is close to great food spots like Lucky Horseshoe. If you’re having a picnic it’s surrounded by three supermarkets and a gas station where you can pick up supplies.

Maxwell Beach

Maxwell Beach WCH Blog

Maxwell beach is just a short bus ride away from Worthing Court. While the white coral sand and glimmering turquoise water is ever inviting in sunny Barbados, this beautiful stretch of beach is also near to some great lunch spots like Surfer’s Cafe that you can visit after working up an appetite. This is also a great stop if you’re looking to get into some light watersports like boogie boarding.